Books Are Food For The Soul. Eat Well.

Hello friends and followers! After a four year break for health and family reasons I will be returning to regular blogging soon. I am still obsessed with reading fantasy romance with emphasis on paranormal, dark or dangerous settings or characters, but I just haven’t been compelled to write for a while.

Sometimes life’s issues and tending those you love who are suffering in some way require so much of your outpouring that there isn’t much left to say or give to that which inspires you. But reading helps us break from reality for a while to explore someone else’s world in all its beauty and mystery, or struggle with them through darkness and tragedy to experience ultimate success, to know freedom (and hopefully enjoy some sweet and sexy diversions!)

I find that I am strengthened for my own journeys by surviving the difficulties of a fictional well-written character (and story) who often faces worse trouble than I do with far less resources or companionship to help them reach a better place, to find that inner strength that holds their faith and integrity of soul while battling life’s complexities.

The ability (and will) to survive whatever comes at you in life while staying true to yourself, remaining open to possibilities, and holding tight to those you love may very well be the meaning of life we all search for. I think we all have a need to unravel this mystery to understand our part in it and define goals, choose paths, and select companions and resources to make the journey and achieve our goals. Perhaps that is why we love role-playing games so much or at least the concept.

A truly well-developed character that we can identify with in some way and who evolves internally, even if not all their difficulties are resolved or conquered in the story, can somehow convince us we will be able to do the same one day.

I am thankful to all the authors who put themselves out there and risk sharing ideas, people, dreams and sometimes nightmares, and then somehow find a way to bring closure to each book, even while sometimes glimpsing an unknown development brewing in the future that may bring us back to fight or learn with them again.

We are all enriched by these stories in some way so be sure to keep plenty on hand for daily breaks and for a crisis. Good stories with great characters are as necessary as food and water to me.

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