Longmire does Romance Novels (humorous parodies)

I “stumbledupon” this site today and it just hit me funny so I had to share it with you!  Here are two of the re-imagined book covers in Longmire’s collective satirical look at romance novels. I would consider him a master at re-imagining concepts and readers who enjoy a little wordplay now and then will likely enjoy his other collections as well including: 
Rejected Wheel of Fortune Puzzles – See some word puzzles that never made to TV! You’ll never watch Wheel of Fortune the same way again! 
Longmire does Romance Novels – Romance Novel cover titles rewritten the way they oughtta be. After all, love stinks, right?  
Change One Letter – Changing one letter of the wording on signs, buildings, whatever, to totally ruin them. 
Planet of the Apes…funkified! – I’ve taken the classic sci-fi film and turned it upside down, inside out, slapped it in the face and stuck gum to the bottom of its shoe. Three chapters are ready so far.


Awesome Immortal Body Art! Full Back Winged Warrior with Prayer tattoo!

mike-grilli-winged-warrior-tattoo-bodyartCheck out my friend Mike Grilli’s awesome “Winged Warrior” tattoo!  He’s got a perfectly muscled back shape for this image doesn’t he?  I think he’d make a great cover model for a fantasy-fiction novel about a spirit guardian, angel or other overseer type (really hot protective human works too!)

I appreciate Grilli allowing me to share this with you but please respect his rights and do not use this photo anywhere without his permission (facebook).

© 2009-2013. This photo is copyright protected and cannot be used or reproduced in anyway by anyone but me for the sole purpose of sharing immortal fantasy themed images with you.