IF Book Review of Spirit Bound, Vampire Academy 5 by Richelle Mead

Spirit Bound bookSpirit Bound, Vampire Academy #5
by Richelle Mead

5 Star Review by Immortal Fiction

Vampire Academy has been my all time favorite series the past 2 years and this one was a wonderful read, though I have to say the 2nd & 3rd are still my favorites. I thoroughly enjoyed this book all the way through. But I must say I was unsettled, unfulfilled by the end. I felt like it was missing the final chapter or one just prior to the final chapter.
I needed more resolve between Dimitri or Adrian but I’m still not sure where things stand with either of them. I love what Richelle did with Dimitri and how his events and feelings were written in this book. But I never really felt Rose’s feelings towards anyone -except anger and pain. Not even Lissa. This was written more about thoughts and events and less about feelings, except Dimitri and Lissa’s and even Adrian’s feelings but Rose… not so much. Maybe that’s because she wasn’t sure how she felt for anyone but it seemed more because she was busy thinking or acting but not feeling. Her feelings were present but they just weren’t written in a way that ‘compelled’ me (lol) to feel them too.

I love books that start something new towards the end so you can’t wait for the next one to resolve it. But this book was the first one I didn’t feel like anything was resolved -not fully- throughout the book. Everything seemed to lead up to something and come close to something that never quite satisfied. What transpires near the end is a wonderful lead into the grand finale book releasing in December and I wouldn’t have wanted that any other way. But Rose seemed more alone than ever in the midst of friends, though its never brought to the readers attention so we don’t experience that as a whole.

Rose’s hurt, fear and pain weren’t that gripping and neither were her love and desire. I had hoped that at least her desire would be more gripping as a romance. I think it was there but maybe too rushed. I still give it 5 stars for awesomeness but I bought the hardcover, audio and e-book formats. But I have to voice my disappointment in the lack of fulfillment or resolve in any mystery or relationship by the end. I guess she took the concept for her final book and divided it in half to expand the original project from 5 books to 6 but it was noticeable. It says a lot about an author’s talent and skill though that with this said she still has a 5 star rating and sold me all 3 formats. way to go!

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