Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater is Best New Young Adult Wolf novel

WOW! I am happily stunned and moved by this one. This new book/series is highly understated in my opinion. I’ve had it on my GOODREADS shelf for a while but I don’t know when I might have read it if someone hadn’t actually put it in my hands. I knew I would enjoy it but I never expected to be glued to the audio book until completion.  Narrators David LeDoux & Jenna Lamia are perfect fits for Sam & Grace too!  This is a beautiful story of young love, community and friends with all the mystery, tragedy and discovery that its paranormal and seasonal elements bring.  The author’s charming writing style is the most comparable to Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Saga) I’ve seen so far and sure enough Warner Brothers recently bought MOVIE rights to this one.  (movie articles: bottom of this post)

Shiver, both story and characters, completely captivated me and I cannot wait for more from The Wolves of Mercy Falls! Maggie Stiefvater writes with such experiential flow that readers can taste, smell, feel, visualize, hear, and completely wallow in the amazing yet supposedly normal world that Grace and her friends live in. I had an immediate and complete connection with almost every character she introduced. I never felt overwhelmed or anxious for something to move along. Her pacing is perfect — for me anyway. I hope you will give this book a chance. That’s all it will need. I was drawn into the story from the first words and I never put it down til done.

I haven’t written a review in a good while now and I think its because even though I enjoy most of the books i read, nothing has stood out in a while. Many of the books I’ve read by lesser known authors are either somewhat similar to others I’ve enjoyed (which is why I like them and know I will like them, much like the way we pick out music that already seems familiar) OR they are so completely different that I can’t get into their world or the author’s way of writing.

While authors who do well, generally evolve or rewrite the basic vampire or wolf legends to individualize them, they are usually based in some common lore or principles. Providing readers with a commonly known foundation to build upon or at least to deviate from provides familiarity, confidence, and a base expectation level, without starting to read completely from scratch with no idea how the world, characters, or storyline might play out.  It’s harder to jump into a book I know absolutely nothing about and therefore have no idea if I will like it, or perhaps how to “arm myself” or prepare my mindset for the read.  I find that I like a certain familiarity when walking into a room, store, or fictional world, but I love and hope to explore new possibilities and be surprised from there.

Maggie Stiefvater gave me everything I’ve been missing lately in Shiver.  And YES, Maggie, you got me to cry and shake my fist at you! (her favorite thing and ultimate goal for each book)  Thanks a ton! I look forward to Lingering in July with you, Grace and… the Wolves of Mercy Creek! Congrats on the MOVIE RIGHTS too!  Shiver has the makings of being a Great Movie as well!

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