Divine Misdemeanors, Flirt and Bullet (Anita Blake #18) by Laurell K Hamilton

BULLET is the next Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novel #18 releasing June 2010! But according to author Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita couldn’t wait til then and started FLIRTing for her own little novella (like Micah) which will release February 2, 2010.  Thanks Anita! we’ll enjoy the Tease!  And December 8th we can read a full course meal from Meredith “Merry” Gentry as she and her men solve a mystery! uh, between their “escapades” that is! 
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Here is the full post on Laurell’s blog posted November 9, 2009.
—- excerpt from blog —-
Laurell and JayFlirt that comes out February 2nd 2010, is an Anita Blake novel, but its a surprise book. I got the initial idea, and it was a new idea for Anita. Now I get ideas for Anita all the time, but ideas that become books usually take months, or years to make their way to the front of the que of novel ideas. This idea hit me and I was writing it as a novel only two weeks, or so later. Very unusual for me. The last time something close to this happened it was the book Micah, but I still to this day can’t tell you where that idea came from. So the seed of the idea must have been incubating for months, or years, before it burst onto my subconscious, and then hit my conscious mind right between the eyes. Flirt wrote as quickly as Micah, but with Flirt I knew exactly where the idea had originated. I made a note, because one of the most common questions I get is, “Where do I get my ideas?” So I kept notes. Where and when and how I got the idea for the novel. The process of writing it from page count, to how it overwhelmed my muse and me and interrupted another book.

I kept track of the music I listened to while writing it. As much as possible I kept track of things I normally don’t keep track of, and I wrote it down in a piece in the back of the book. You get Flirt, an extra Anita book, and I do my best to answer the question about my ideas, and how I turn them into books. I also make the point that two different artists can have the same inspiration, but come away with completely different ideas. It is shorter than the normal Anita book, but Divine Misdemeanors is bigger than the last two Merry novels, so it was Merry’s turn to have the bigger book.

Then, in June, is our regularly scheduled Anita Blake novel, Bullet. That’s still in the works, the other two are done-done.

Still confused? Put it this way, Flirt was a side project that I thought I’d just do a few pages, get it out of my system and then I’d get back to my scheduled book. Instead, I ended up with a book in a near record time for me. I presented my publisher with a surprise book with Anita and the gang. I don’t know who was more surprised me, or my publisher. So, you guys get two Anita books next year one that tries to help answer that proverbial writer question, “Where do you get your ideas?” and the other that just kicks ass and takes names. Though Flirt does that, too. It is me afterall. In fact, for all those who have been wanting to see more of Anita raising the dead, you get your wish. For those who want to see Anita up close and personal, well there’s that, too.

In fact, Divine Misdemeanors is also one of the most hard edged Merry books to date. There’s plenty of sex, so be warned if that’s not your cup of tea, but its a mystery. We set that up in the first chapter and that is the spine of the book. Who done it? What done it? How done it? And can we solve the murders without Merry, or the men she loves, paying the ultimate price?

6 responses to “Divine Misdemeanors, Flirt and Bullet (Anita Blake #18) by Laurell K Hamilton

  1. I’m sooo excited about two books!! I wonder if she’ll finally let Jean-clude and Asher (my fav character ify)sleep together and what about her two new tigers?? I’m soo happy! Wonder if Anita will actually get time just for her self?? Lol I have goosebumps!! Thanks u soo much for two books!

  2. Absolutely excited. I love when your books come out. I caught up on all I missed in the early Anita Blake series but I still have time to get the new ones. I love Jason and Anita together. I also love her with every other were-creature she loves. But is there going to be anymore Merideth Gentry books? It just can’t stop at her being pregnant with like six kings. It just can’t.. Let me know please..or please write another one for me? lol…I am a writer in training and I was wondering how you came about writing about these two vastly different but exciting and sexy worlds?

  3. Dear,Laurell

    I am so exicited about your two up coming books.I also have one question have you ever thought about more Anita Blake books.I mean not just stopping at 18 I mean more books about Anita and the gang because I want to know if she ever had to choose who would it be.I think it would have to be Micah I just want to know who would it be.Why not any more books please for all of us out there that want more Anita books pleaes don’t stop writing I love your books more then the Twilight series like I asked before please don’t stop writing you have a talant for it this series is the greatest one I’ve read in a long time.

  4. OK here are a couple of my questions.
    In skin trade Anita gains the ability to sever links. Is she finally going to be free of the pains in her but (richard etc…)? my second question would have to be if the first question is on par is she going to only have one form or is she going to be a panwere becuase there have been hints at both possiblities? here is an even better question if she finally shape shifts is she going to be able to feed the arduer off of her own beasts making her self sustaining once again?

  5. hi, i really love the anita series and would like to know if you will be writing any more after bullet and if so how meny more. also same questian for the merry series how meny more will there be in this series.

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading both series of yours, but I hope to see more of merry’s adventures. I was wondering if you are going to write more books for the anita blakes series cause i would like to know what happens between olaf, anita and the charming edward. Hoping that there will some conculsion when it comes to the attraction from olaf towards anita. Your books are an escape for a short time, thank you

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