Author Alyson Noel’s New Website for the Immortals Series (Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland)

Check out the new site for The Immortal Series!
1-Evermore, 2-Blue Moon and #3 “SHADOWLAND” coming November 17th


22 responses to “Author Alyson Noel’s New Website for the Immortals Series (Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland)

    • Go to google+ then go to more under it it will say book type in immortal series it will give you the first twenty- one chapers then it kinda just randomly selects the rest

  1. HEy! OMgosh i luv these books they are AMAzING! better than twilight and House of night series! I cant wait for the rest! ITs driving me crazy! ~ i refuse to read anything on the internet because it is disrespectful to the author when people read their stuff without it being finished.. = P anyways i am hoping to do a report on this author for a school project but it would be awsome if i email her and get answers straight from “the horses mouth” as they say! so does anyone know her email?

  2. I Hope There Will Be A Film On The Series Because Iam In Love With The Books And Have Had A Think About If There Was A Film What Actors And Actresses Would Look Like The Charaters …
    *Silvia Colloca as Ava (the phychic)
    *Abigail Breslin as Riley
    *Olivia Wild as Ever
    *Dakota fanning as Ever or Riley
    *Amanda Seyfrie as Honor
    *Gaspard Ulliel as Damen
    *Rachael McAdams as Ever or Drina
    *Danneel Harris as Drina
    *Emily Browning as Haven
    *Lisa Orgliasso as Evangaline
    *Brianne Davis as Honor or Ever
    *Kat Dennings as Evangaline
    *Jennie Garth as Sabine
    *James McAvoy as Sabines Boyfriend
    *Ryan Phillippe as Miles

    • do not say that
      dakota fanning will not ever play anyone in this amazing book series
      she is the most horrible actor in history
      she will not ruin this series too like twilights new moon movie
      i heard she payed her way in
      that is pathetic

  3. i read the first and i’m starting to read the second one – is it true there is a third one out already?????
    these are INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  4. After the first page og Evermore, I absolutly fell in love with the immortal series!!! I just couldn’t out them down!! I finished the whole series in 3 days. I dreamt about them, and thought about them all day, and whenever I did, I had this unexplanable feeling in my stomach(but a good feeling). I re-read the series in just 2 days right after I finished the first time. I just CAN NOT wait for Dark Flame to come out July 6!!!

  5. i have and have read all of the immortals series and i am ablolutely in love with them and i just dont think i can wait till it comes out since it is may 11 i will have to wait over a month to read it i’ve been waiting since december to read the forth one :( but its almost here i can taste it hahaha does any1 know if it is coming out anywhere earlier i feel like damen waiting so long but not being able to finish the job!!!!!! by job i mean the book series and by job for damen i mean having sex with ever hahaha but yea

  6. Ok, i read the 1st one, it was the most breathtaking, addicting book i have ever read i read half of it just reading for 4 hours straight !! I yelled at my mom cuz she made me put it down to eat !! OMIGOD you are soooo amazing !!! Please write more books !! I also have saving zoe, sooo heartfelt !! I love your work, can not wait to read more ! !omgggggggggg

  7. i really love the immortal series ive read the first 3 they r sooo awesome!!!!!!i ALMOST like them as much as i LOVE the twilight series the immortal series is my SECOND favovrite series sorry but i cant help it twilight is soo much better BUT i do like them both

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