Vampire Diaries: The Return – New Trilogy by L. J. Smith

6-Nightfall Nightfall, Book 1 of New Trilogy

Thanks to author L. J. Smith, the marketing confusion over this new book has finally cleared.  What first appeared to be a fifth book in the previous series The Vampire Diaries, Nightfall is actually Book 1 of a new Vampire Diaries The Return Trilogy and the next two books are mapped out below.   Read the clip from her blog at the bottom of this post along with a special announcement about a possible TV SERIES!

Book 1: Nightfall.  A pair of kitsune–fox spirits–from the other side of the world possess Damon and force him to commit abominations.  Meanwhile, Stefan apparently abandons Elena and her friends on a quest to find the one place where the curse of his vampirism can be lifted from him.  Definitely for mature audiences.

Release Date: February 10, 2009
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BROWSE INSIDE  (read excerpt online)

Book 2: Shadow Souls–out 2009?  A penitent Damon, along with Elena, and Matt follow Stefan into the darkest dimension in an attempt to set him free from the prison he has found instead of salvation.  Bonnie and Meredith join Elena as all three are forced to enter as slaves, the chained and leashed property of a vampire–Damon.

Book 3: Midnight–out 2010.  The surviving group of Fell’s Church friends return to find their town in a shambles.  Meredith makes a horrifying discovery in her research and Bonnie has an out of body experience which might explain all the mayhem that is going on.  Matt faces down Caroline, while, Elena must face the most important question of her life: who does she really belong with? Stefan or Damon?

—————– begin clip from L. J. Smith’s blog ————–
Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall came out on February 10, 2009 in the U.S.  (I’m sorryI don’t have the info for other countries, yet).  This is the first book in the trilogy I wanted to call DAMON because it focuses on Damon and has many passages from his rather skewed point of view.  I’m in the middle of writing the second book in the series, Shadow Souls, right now, and I’m loving it twice as much as I loved writing Nightfall!  I started out just writing a synopsis of the book, but it turned into a manuscript as I became so interested in some scenes that I just couldn’t stop writing!  Now, this does not often happen to me.  The third book in the series will be called Midnight.

Again, for those who haven’t gotten the message yet, Nightfall is the first (and darkest) book in a trilogy.  I have gotten maybe several hundred emails asking me if there will be a Vampire Diaries book after Nightfall.  But if you were puzzled, or even angry, at not understanding, it’s not your fault.  The publishers put out a book (I had nothing to do with this) that NOWHERE said that it was “to be continued” or was “the first of three books.”  They made an egregious errorand I apologize deeply and humbly on their behalf.

The Vampire Diaries TV Pilot
Yes, it is true: the script has been approved to make a pilot for The Vampire Diaries.  This doesn’t mean that TVD will be a TV series: first it has to go head to head with the other pilots that are being made for next fall.  Here is what I know so far: the CW picked it up to make a pilot, and one of the executive producers (and writers) for it is Kevin Williamson, who wrote Dawson’s Creek, Scream, and I Know What You Did Last Summer.  In any case, if you’re a dead ringer for Elena, Stefan, Bonnie, or any of the other characters, this might be a good time to visit sunny southern California and see if they’re casting.
—————– end of clip from L. J. Smith’s blog ————–

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  3. The book “The Return:Midnight is not going to solve the ending of Vampire Diaries last book. Seftan is human how he will handle this?

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