Razorbill signs Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy) for seven more YA books!

mead_shadowkiss1Vampire Academy Mastermind, Richelle Mead, has signed with Razorbill (VA’s publisher) for seven more young adult books. One of those books will be a continuation of Rose’s story. The other six will be a brand new series, possibly with characters from the VA world–but that has yet to be determined.  This means the current VA series about Rose will now have six books instead of five.

Richelle states, “I’ve always had her story planned out in advance, and having it one book longer isn’t going to change what happens to her. It just means I can go into more detail on certain things, which should be a lot of fun. I hope everyone likes it! It’s pretty exciting.”

  Click Here for Details on Her Blog

This was particularly excellent news for me because Vampire Academy has become my all time favorite Vampire Romance series this year, knocking out the Twilight Saga (now #2) and The House of Night Series (#3) which were competing for top slot in my Top 5 most anticipated series book releases this year. The other two on my meticulously narrowed list are Vampire Kisses (#4) and Evernight (#5).   Interestingly all of these fall in the Young Adult fantasy fiction realm so perhaps I will add another list for Top 5 anticipated Adult Vamp Romance novels without feeling too guilty! If so and in case I don’t I should mention Lynsay Sands would top that list with all the phenominal Argeneau novels!


3 responses to “Razorbill signs Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy) for seven more YA books!

  1. I loved this book because I was able to relate to it. They were around my age, and the author treated me up to my age.
    (if that makes sense) She wasn’t afraid to mention things like,kissing and even things like sex. I hate it when authors try to protect the “innocence of our minds” by treating us like little kids who dont know anything. Good Job Richelle Mead!!

  2. Absolutely amazing books, a must read!! i was so drawn i was reading it till midnight and reading it whilst i was getting ready for school, it was so addictive, one of the best books i have ever read! :) amazing x

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