Edward Cullen’s Twilight Eyes: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

midnight-sunRecommended for: Twilighters and those who think Twilight is too girly or that Edward always has things under control.

My hope: That MS might be included in the Official Guide that keeps getting pushed farther and farther back.

Download Midnight Sun partial draft 12 chapters

[This really should be a letter to Stephenie but with no way for average humans to reach her, I share my thoughts about Midnight Sun (as integral to the whole Twilight saga) with all who have interest in this book!]

First, thank you Stephenie for making the MS partial draft available to those of us who already LOVE your work, even though it was a painful thing and time to do so.  Most if not all of us desire its completion EVEN you totally rewrite what you’ve done so far. We love your characters, YOUR writing, your methods of unraveling stories; we are not so bonded to what you first wrote so far with this story that we can’t bend.  The perspectives and experiences you write into Edward’s life allow us to bond with him better from the start. And we learn so much more of the Cullen family atmosphere and relationships. I already adored Bella from weakness and insecurity to strength determination and valor she gains along the way.  So MS helped me see Edward’s struggles, his true devotion, charm and integrity. 

I listened repeatedly for six weeks (Sept-Oct 2008) to all four of the Twilight audiobooks day and night while working, walking in the park, and falling asleep. But I got soooo much more of a well-rounded view through reading what you’ve done so far with Midnight Sun. I want more… to know all that he went through and experienced not only throughout the first book but I would love to read his perspective throughout the series.

I would even love to read a Jacob perspective of New Moon and Eclipse. You gave us some of Jacob’s View in Breaking Dawn and the “crazy half-naked wolf boys” of New Moon were so fun to read.  But in Midnight Sun, you have given Edward so much more depth than we ever hope to know or guess by the Twilight books alone. It only seems fair that we be given equal chance to know him like Jacob.  Even though Edward shares some of his feelings and struggles in conversations with Bella and Jacob off and on over the four books, they are edited as we all do in life. Reading those thoughts, emotions and struggles as they happen drew me much closer to his experience that I had before. It also gave him more depth of character for me. He seemed so plastic and super-controlled throughout the saga and this shows the struggles to be so controlled.

This story completes a perfect example of how differently we see things and how far off we can be in determining what the other one is thinking. It is fun, meaningful and just WONDERFUL to have even these few chapters of Midnight Sun and I beg you to finish it and write even more. I know you feel robbed and betrayed by whoever let this go, but feel loved and admired by all who are reading it. I sincerely believe your fans would GLADLY PAY IN ADVANCE! I would even happily pay $10, $25, even $50 for what I already have of the partial draft, because I feel it is that valueable and integral to the story for me.   And I’m serious here… having read all I’ve seen out there from fans I am pretty sure if you put a donation button on your website you’d get tons of financial appreciation for what you’ve written so far of Midnight Sun and we’ll still buy it in full when it comes out officially

DOWNLOAD: Fans, please download Midnight Sun partial draft ONLY from Stephenie’s website so she can at least have a record of downloads and so you’ll have her chosen version of it.

35 responses to “Edward Cullen’s Twilight Eyes: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer


  2. I would be absolutely THRILLED if she finished MS….actually, that’s an understatement. But, imagine how stressed she must have been-with Breaking Dawn and the movie, all the interviews and the fan craze all at the same time! I can’t imagine how stressful it must have been to have all those deadlines and expectations. while I know we all love the books and can’t get enough, I think she’s gained a well-deserved break. It’s not that I don’t care if she finishes the book or not; I truely hope she does decide to-but it should be when she feels the timing is right, when she wants to do it whole-heartedly and not just because she’s being bombarded with demands from her fans. I am a very impatient person, but I love Stephenie Meyers books, The Host, too-not just the Twilight Series and I think this book will be worth the wait if she decides to finish writing and publish it.

    • * HIGH 5 Lizzy!! I totally agree and I love Twilight, but Midnight Sun has GOT to be released. I can’t FATHOM how awesome the rest of it will be!!! The first 12 chapters of the DRAFT are still one of the top 10 ‘books’ I’ve ever read (over 150 in vampire/paranormal romances since Sept 2008!)* I would pay $50 for it if she would finish it!!

  3. I love this book (at least the chapters I’ve read) and I’m disappointed that she discontinued the writing of the book. I understand her feelings on it and why she decided that she was not going to finish the book. I hope that some day she will finish it and decide to put it out for the world to read.

    • I agree with you 110% i loved the chapters i got to read and would read it as many times as i have read the others (8)each i think i know it crazy but i was complety in love with them!! And i realy do understand why she is taking a break in wrighting this and i realy can not wait for it to come out i am just so excited!

  4. Stephenie Meyer,
    Please finish this book you can go to so many hights with this just like the others….if you don’t your disappointing ALL YOUR fans….so I’m pleading please, please, PLEASE FINISH THIS WONDERFUL BOOK!!!!

    ~Sarah <3

  5. Were do you read the full book of midnight sun I want to know! Also don’t be offended but the guy who plays Edward in twilight the movie is hidious!!!!!!!

  6. I am a huge twilight fan I have read the complete series at least 10x I love Edward I mean who dosen’t and I would love to get inside his head better.Its like Im falling in Love with the Love story and there are so many un-answered questions in the twilight saga with Midnight Sun most of them can get answered I totally understand the way she feels but honestly its kinda getting blown out of proportion I mean she has to stick to the same story line so no James wouldn’t win and the Cullens would continue to go on breathing (well when they wanted too) so I am alittle disapointed I enjoy her work so much but this is alittle childish don’t you think?…I still love Stephenie I mean don’t get me wrong and I still agree that shes amazing I just think she should suck it up and finish the book.
    xoxo,Twihard Tehya Nicole Long

  7. i absolutly love this partial draft and all of your other stories you can feel all the characters emotions i at times felt like i was there and was them i had crazy dreams about twilight and all of the other books for about 9 or 10 months and then they stop for about 1 month and have carried on till this day i can feel bellas emotions im obsesed with vampires and i like it


  8. I just wanted to say that I wish Stephenie Meyer would finished and published Midnight Sun. I really like to have the book. I truly believe that in spite of being available the first 12 chapter on internet (and it’s said that the complete version is also in internte), I’ll really like her to do it. Tha fans would follow and support her anyway. Unless…
    Well, I simply wish “this” wasn’t some kind of marketing publicity just to make people waiting even more for the publication.
    We’ll be with her anyway.. So..
    Well, thank you very much.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


  9. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, SHE CAN JUST REWRITE. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HER FUSTRATION, SHE IS GETTING PAID FOR HER WORDS. I am sure she even recieved an advance. So she felt pressured and now she feels like she cannot finish it as it will not be in her words, thus somehow messing up the copywrite laws;, not in her favor.
    But To finish Midnight sun, book in her words is only right. I HAVE A GRERAT IMAGINATION, I CAN COME UP WITH MY OWN VERSION IN MY HEAD. But this is her story, not mine. I hope she finishes it.

  10. I would die if Stephenie mEyer did not finish this book and publish it. I have not read Midnight Sun and I would like to know where I can read some of the chapters. From the reviews I’ve read and comments left on here, it sounds like a wonderful book. I am a HUG Twilight Fan and and have probably read the series more than 50 times. I swear I have. I am completly crazy for Robert Pattinson and I love him to death. Please let me know the website or give me a link to the book. Thanks! I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!

  11. plz…plz…complete your book for us…plz stephenie do it foryou fans…for me and my other bookworm friends plzzz…lu you…

  12. hellllooz stephanie!! hope ur seeing this!! look i noe ur upset dat ur 12 chapters hve leaked but ur upsetting us by nt finishing midnight sun! it is an awsm buk! much bttr dan twilight! i think so! please keep on writing!! finish it n release it!! for all ur fans n for ur satisfaction too!! i am so in luv wid edward cullen after reading midnight sun ke first 12 chapters!! luv you!

  13. i have not read midnight sun but i wold like to……. i no some people who did on line and they loved it so will you publish the book plzzz..!!!!!………. tiff;).

  14. plz….plz …plz finish midnight sun for all your fans and me and my friends we are dieing to read midnight sun and we cant get it of the internet so plz… plz…plz publish midnight sun plz…plz…plz…plz …………. thank you

  15. I absolutely love the entire Twilight series including Bree’s story (which I loved and bought the book to support Stephenie instead of reading while free). I am so hopefull she will finish Midnight Sun. I never thought I would love another book as much as Twilight, but Midnight Sun is just that good! I have read and re-read this entire series at least 10 times over and can’t get enough of them! I would, without question, pay any amoumt she wanted to have Edward’s version of the whole series too! I am sure there are millions who feel exactly the same way I do, so PLEASE, PLEASE Stephanie finish Midnight Sun. Please do not deprive your fans of a brilliant addition to this series because someone you trusted betrayed you!

  16. omg,stephenie i am begging you to please give me something new to read…i have read each book countless times and it is so sad because i cant even read other books because whenever i try to i just think about how much i would love to be reading twilight and i don’t end up reading the book that i was planning on reading,i just re-read the entire twilight saga over and over and over again…i think that the twilight saga has ruined other books for me because the only books i ever want to read are the twilight saga. i am like bella and wuthering heights…i just cant stop reading the twilight saga…i have been reading the twilight saga since 2 christmases ago…it doesnt even matter if you finish midnight sun,althought it would be great if you did!, but if you could write a book after breaking dawn,like twice the size of breaking dawn…i would be at a loss for words…all of your fans will be in debt to you…there are no words to describe how awed i am by your work…

  17. you know i was looking for edwards point of view in midnight sun & i cannot find it. but you know along time ago i got that already then they are all studying i think in collage, then all of them are there the cullens siblings then bella as a vampire. then also renesmee in her high school she is studying already then back to edward theres a guy who likes bella, but she is not looking at him only to edward. & bells is so pretty here she have a long hair as in. so i want to get that again so i hope to find that. thats it.

  18. I honestly feel for Ms Meyers just because the story was leaked, and I am no better than the person who leaked it because I read it… That being said I think it is time for her to stop mopeing about it and finish it… She is doing herself and her fans a huge disservice by not finishing this amazing book not to mention taking away the millions of dollars she could make off of it. I understand that she feels betrayed but it has been almost 3 years time to get over it I wonder if she even realizes how fast it would sell just because we have spent 3 years waiting to see what happens next. I know I would spend any amount to get the ending… As I am sure millions of other twilight fans would… I have a love hate relationship with twilight I love the romance I love the Vampires I do not love that the Vampires SPARKLE I mean it takes away from the darkness of Vampires the darkness that makes Vampires so sensual and sexual… That being said I am addicted, and desperatly hope she will get over her tantrum and finish the book for her faithful and devoted fans… I wanted so badly to see into Edwards mind when I read Twilight the first time, and was ecstatic to hear about Midnight Sun but I am tired of waiting and I won’t buy anymore of her books until I buy Midnight Sun… Simple as that

  19. Twilight is awesome! i luv edward! i would luv to know what edward thinks as he is much more interesting then bella. i’m sure i would luv midnightsun. thanks to stephenie meyer. luv for all twilight saga fans!

  20. I’m new to the Saga. I must admit that it never really held any appeal to me, until one night a friend invited me to watch a movie in the theatre. This happened to be Breaking Dawn (pt 1) She stood me up but I did see 3 or 4 minutes of the movie before I left. I thought if I was going to do this I’d better start at the beginning and so I rented the entire series and watched them back to back. WOW! I am NOT a book reader but WOW, I blew through the first 3 books in 4 days! (Breaking Dawn is in the mail!) I simply love these characters and Stephenie’s style of writing, easy reading, compelling characters and coming from someone who, I’ll repeat, isn’t a reader, this is probably the ONLY occasion where after watching the movies and reading the books, I find myself repeating the pattern. In the 3 weeks since I started this, I’ve purchased and read each book several times and I’ve purchased and watched each movie several times. SEVERAL. Steph, I PROMISE you, you could write Midnight Sun and re write the entire series from different perspectives and I’d buy them all and reread them all too! And if they were made into movies, I’d go to the theatre and watch them and then buy the DVD and watch it at home too! I’m not a dyehard (really) I simply LOVE these characters and their story lines! Please, please, keep our beloved Vampires and Wolves entertaining us! Nevermind about the Naysayers! Write for yourself and for those of us who have fallen for your characters!
    P.S. Sorry, I HAD to read your Midnight Sun (off your page, of course)

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