My Twilight Movie Premier Experience

Edward and Bella of Twilight the MovieI was thrilled to SEE an advance showing Tuesday Nov18th with a theatre full of true fans (varied ages)! Without giving things away before most of you see it, I’ll just convey our emotional experience more than the movie for now)

We all laughed through the school scenes more than expected even when things were supposed to be serious because we knew what was really going on with Edward and how crazy he looked to the students at the time! The school cast was great! The whole audience seemed to enjoy the film and my husband and I had no problem with the script liberties taken (at first) to improve it visually on screen; the changes seemed necessary and fine (btw Jacob has a prominent scene @ the beginning!)

But halfway through the movie I suddenly felt way further into the story than we should have been as they jump from disclosing vampire secrets to professing their love in one combined afternoon that spanned days in the book. That’s when we wanted things to slow down!! I knew the baseball game was next (awesome stuff!) and the wonder of love would soon give way to terror heading into the monstrous fight (Wow!) and the few remaining scenes. From baseball to ballet(studio), action was GREAT! But there was little time to linger through the last few scenes and it was over and we wanted more!! It was like I’d just fed on deer and was happy but really wanted a mountain lion. It seems to be missing the middle “sweet” stuff.

If we could’ve added 15-20 minutes to it I would want the bonding time of being together in love, after the awkwardness, after discovering his secrets, denying the attraction, and accepting the risk, but before facing the reality of those risks and starting to question the safety of it all over again in the end. That short 2-3 days in the middle of the book is what makes the rest of the struggle worthwhile. I’m not sure it lasts long enough in the movie to sink in and capture the audience unless they already love these two together from reading the book. But we ENJOYED it VERY MUCH will see it several times!



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